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Industrial Computer Enclosure Protection
in Harsh Environments

Dust Proof, Waterproof, Flat Panel Enclosures, PC Enclosures, CRT Enclosures, Stainless Steel Enclosures, Mild Steel Enclosures, IP54 Enclosures, IP66 Enclosures, Printer Enclosures, Rack Enclosures, Laptop Enclosures, Computer Security, Explosion Proof Enclosures, Bespoke Enclosure Design Service

Do you have computer equipment in your Workshop, Factory or Warehouse? Yes? Well don't forget to protect it!

Your computer equipment needs to be protected from your working environment. It has to be secure and tamperproof too. If the motherboard failed or even-worse a hard disk corrupted due to dust/dirt/water ingress, the chances are you will not have a spare computer or part to replace it at that moment. More importantly you will also lose your data. Imagine the effect on your output and revenue stream.

Computer systems fail for all sorts of reasons however in an industrial environment the main causes of failure are dust, dirt, water/liquid splash, temperature high or low, vibration, RF and EM Interference, Surge/Spike on electrical mains supply, vandalism, tampering, accidental damage and so on. Whatever your requirements Sentinel Enclosures will manage and protect you with its extensive range of enclosure products.

Have a look at our exciting new Flat Panel enclosures.They're the latest development for shop-floor space-saving applications, ergonomically designed, the enclosures protect against harsh environments to meet the requirements of IP54 or IP66 standards.

You can select from Flat Panel Monitor enclosures, Flat Panel Monitor Input Enclosures, Panel Mount Flat Panel Enclosures, Flat Panel Desktop Enclosures and Flat Panel Tower Enclosures. Read more...

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Sovereign Connections is a company that provides Far East electronic manufacturing resources to small and medium size companies in the UK and Europe. With us the benefits of quality and competitive cost can be accessed from a resource difficult to uncover without specialist knowledge.

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